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  • The emigrant's destiny: The foreign country has not become home, but home has become foreign.

    --Alfred Polger (d. 1955), Der Emigrant und die Heimat

    Emigranten-Schicksal: Die Fremde ist nicht Heimat geworden. Aber die Heimat Fremde.

    Between 2007 and 2009, I lived in Los Angeles after living in Paris for many years. My Paris blog (before and after my Los Angeles sojourn) is Rue Rude.

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    11 June 2008


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    I'm always finding spelling mistakes in the Yahoo and CNN headlines!

    You are so much kinder than I! I harbor contempt for native english speakers who make such grammatical mistakes. I HOPE the pictorial examples you gave are from non-native speakers, though the one from a SCHOOL really is deplorable. Sheeze.

    I am totally with you. I'm a grammar hound, and have been following with delight the adventures of a guy who traveled across America fixing typos. He got some good media coverage.


    And there's another site, "The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks"


    No one under fifty knows how to use apostrophes? What a gross exaggeration.

    I said, "No one in the United States." As I recall, you were educated in England.

    Hey, like you never exaggerate.

    OMG I have a rant exactly like this saved up in my drafts but couldn't bring myself to run it (I get accused of being elitist and pedantic quite enough thank you!). But OH! how it galls me when I see people who fancy themselves writers saying "it's" for "its." Gar!

    "If I were British, I'm sure I would look down my nose at Americans and spell "jail" with a g (so sensible!)"
    -- and an o: gaol. :)

    A t-shirt site my daughter showed me has a "your retarded" t-shirt.

    Don't think I don't know it's you!

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    • In Paris, the purest virtue is the object of the filthiest slander.

        –Honoré Balzac (1799-1850), in Scènes de la vie privée

      À Paris, la vertu la plus pure est l'objet des plus sales calomnies.

    Le petit aperçu d'Ailleurs

    • Annual Geminids meteor shower (shooting stars!) coming this weekend, if it's not too cloudy out at night.